What Types Of Cases Does A Criminal Defense Lawyer Help With?


A criminal defense attorney defends individuals or companies that are charged with criminal activity. They have specialized in that field and are capable of defending someone or firm in a court of law. All they need is evidence and the jurisdictions associated with the rule of law in a particular country or state. It is important to understand the jurisdictions in various states so as to defend a client within the required laws. Therefore, there are some cases a Criminal Defense Law Firm can assist you. Below is a guide on some of the cases that a criminal defense attorney can assist:

1. Drug Cases

This is one of the cases that can be handled by a criminal defense attorney. This happens when one is associated with the use or sale of drugs that are not allowed in a particular state. The attorney analyzes your situation and how you were caught and relate it to the state laws. He/she will then come up with defense mechanisms and facts to prove that you are not guilty. The most important thing you should know is to provide accurate information to the lawyer. Besides, you should provide any evidence he/she requires. That way, the lawyer will use evidence and information you provide to defend you. Using experienced attorney increases your chances of winning a case no matter how complicated it may look.

2. Domestic Violence

This is another common category of cases handled by such legal experts. Domestic violence involves domestic fights, disputes over property inheritance, theft within the family and many other disputes within a given family/community. When you think that your family member or spouse is abusing your rights in a violent way, you can engage an attorney to guide you on the legal action. The most frequent domestic violence is property inheritance where the family members disagree. Again, the attorney needs to understand the history of the family and any will provided by the parents especially when the parents are deceased. They then guide you on how to claim your assets or properties.

3. DUI cases

There are many individuals who are charged with driving under influence and they end up paying hefty penalties. In case you are not satisfied with the DUI charges against you, you can appeal the court ruling and hire the services of a reputable Criminal Defense Law Firm to defend you. They will access the charges against you and look for evidence and facts that can be used to free you from the crimes related to DUI. Again, an experienced lawyer is required so as to increase the chances of winning the case. Such individuals know how to twist the case and evidence to favor you while maintaining the law.

4. Public Intoxication

Are you charge of public intoxication and awaiting your court hearing? If so, do not hesitate to look for a criminal defense attorney to defend you in the court of law. Explain to them how you were caught and the information they need from you. They will then access the charges against you and compare with the information provided and look for the best way to defend you. You should also look for witnesses to be coached by the lawyer before appearing in the court of law. This makes everything to be the same and when they present facts to defend you, you are likely to be set free.

5. Damage to Property

This is where a third party damages your property when they are doing their job or at times, some do it intentionally to sabotage your work. Besides, you may be accused of damaging the properties of others. In such a case, you may not be aware of your property legal rights and procedures. This, therefore, makes it very important to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. This is an expert who will guide and defend you in the court of law. They understand the legal procedures against your charges and with their know-how and legal experience; you are likely to achieve your objectives.

6. Grand Larceny

This is theft of valuable personal property of value above the legally specified amount. Making use of an attorney will ensure that you are compensated for the right amount. There are many instances where the attorneys have assisted individuals who have been victims of such crimes and are being compensated by the insurance. The insurance wants to compensate a lower figure but the owner knows that the property is worth more than that figure. Attorneys have gone to the extent of demanding a valuation and calculation of depreciation just to conform to the court that the true value if higher. With the use of an attorney, you are assured of getting better compensation.

7. Murder Cases

Whether you are accused of the crime or seeking justice for a colleague or friend who was murdered, a criminal defense lawyer is very crucial in such cases. They provide the necessary legal procedures on your way to justice. They need evidence and facts so as to proof in the court of law that you are indeed not guilty or you deserve justice. They have a better understanding of the law and can use it to set you free or to achieve what you want. Therefore, when you are dealing with a murder case, it is important to look for a reputable Criminal Defense Law Firm to assist you.

8. Weapons Charges

There are some cases where you are accused of using weapons in a way that injures or threaten the lives of others. Besides, one may be accused of illegal possession of weapons. In such occasions, seek the necessary assistance from a criminal defense lawyer. They can access the situation and guide you on how to express yourself in the court. With their vast legal knowledge, you are likely to win the case and the charges against you dropped. They can twist everything and make it look like a self-defense and proof it!

Those are some of the cases that criminal defense attorney can assist you. They can defend you when you are charged with committing them or when someone else commits them and you are in one way or the other affected.