Common Mistakes when Arrested for DWI

Ten Common Mistakes Made By Those Charged With DUI

  • Pleading guilty without speaking to an attorney.
  • Not hiring an attorney whose practice is focused exclusively on Indiana DWI law.
  • Making incriminating statements to police officers or friends.
  • Failing to be vigilant in your own defense. If possible, get the phone numbers and addresses of any witnesses.
  • Not fully exploring all possible defenses stemming from your DUI arrest.
  • “Giving up” before the case even starts. No case is hopeless.
  • Forgetting that in America you are protected by a presumption of innocence, which must be rebutted beyond a reasonable doubt by the prosecutor.
  • Hiring the lowest priced attorney. The cliché is true: “You get what you pay for.”
  • Displaying a poor attitude. Always be courteous and respectful to law enforcement officers, court staff, and the judge.
  • Dressing inappropriately for court. As court is a formal setting, you should always look your best.

Author: Andrea Knight