Penalties of Leaving the Scene of An Accident in New York

There are a lot of requirements that you will have to meet if you are involved in a car accident. You will have to stop and exchange contact information with the other drivers. You will also need to report the accident if any injuries occur. You are required to stay at the accident scene until the police officers have arrived.

What Penalties Can You Face if You Leave the Accident Scene?

Leaving the scene of an accident NY is illegal and can carry some serious penalties. The penalties will depend on how serious the injuries are. If the accident results in any fatalities, then the penalties will be more severe.

You may have to spend time in jail if you leave the accident scene. If no one was injured, then you can spend 15 days in jail. However, if there was at least one injury, then you can spend up to one year in jail. You may spend seven years in jail if the accident resulted in deaths and injuries.

If there were no injuries but property was damaged, then you could be charged a fine. The fines can range from $0 to $250. If there were injuries, then the fines can range from $250 to $5,000. You could also get three points added to your driver’s license.

Leaving the scene of an accident NY can also cause you to get your license revoked for up to one year. Furthermore, this can be a part of your permanent record.

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How to Fight the Charges

If you left the scene of an accident, then you do have a change to fight the charges. You will need to hire a traffic ticket attorney NY. Mistake of fact is one of the defenses that can be used. You may be able to get your charges reduced.

You can say that you were not aware of the fact that you hit another vehicle. Custodial interrogation is another defense that can be used. You can say that your Miranda Rights were violated, and you were coerced into making a statement that was used against you.

Author: Andrea Knight